We are proud of our ability to offer personalized electronics manufacturing service solutions, perfected for maximum satisfaction of the individual manufacturer client and the end-user as well.


Supply chain management and material procurement

  • Components and material delivery time reduction

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) optimization via consolidated procurement and suppliers

  • Supplier reliability evaluation and control

  • Alternative component selection

  • Component obsolescence management

PCB prototyping and "Pilot" (NPI) builds

  • Manufacturing processes custom fit for quick-turn prototyping and reduced time to mass production 

  • Enhanced manufacturing productivity and cost reduction via optimization of PCB design

  • Improved product quality and reliability via identification of product design errors

  • Product cost optimization

  • Reduced time to market

  • Product preparation for certification against regulatory standards

Design for Manufacturing / Assembly (DFM/DFA)

  • Product assembly cost and time optimization via continuous improvement in manufacturing efficiency

  • Manufacturing process compliance with IPC-A-610 2nd and 3rd class quality requirements

  • Ensuring traceability at all stages of manufacturing

  • Direct consultation by manufacturing technology engineers

PCB serial assembly services

  • Manufacturing processes custom-fit to meet demands for high variation of build complexity and scale 

  • Possibility to custom-fit specific production line capabilities to individual customer needs

  • Manufacturing capacity allocation according to the client’s requirement

  • Final Box-build

Development & manufacturing of non-standard testing equipment 

  • Automated testing equipment manufacturing from specification to final product

  • Design and programming of ICT and FCT tests 

  • Improving economic viability by optimizing the product testing cycle

  • Increasing product reliability via extensive functional test modeling

Order management

  • Clients’ inventory monitoring and demand planning

  • Delivery schedule management according to individual customer needs 

  • Configure-to-order manufacturing services

  • Quick configuration and preparation of different versions of the same product

  • Direct communication with specialists of different functional fields

Product delivery planning and logistics

  • Stocking and warehousing of finished goods  

  • Next day (global) express delivery from stock

  • Consolidated shipments and pre-scheduled deliveries

  • Individual packaging solutions for extra-secure deliveries

Product modification and repairs

  • Product manufacturability analysis and improvement recommendations

  • Quick product modification and repairs

  • Re-engineering