We design and manufacture innovative electronics products. Selteka products have received recognition and awards in Lithuania and abroad.


Digital set-top boxes for IP TV

We manufacture original products in the TV and embedded system fields. At the moment, we offer a set-top box, made from materials and components exclusively safe for contact with humans. The IP TV receiver is made to receive and decode television signals, transmitted through the Internet, the IP protocol. In 2009, we were awarded the Prize for Innovation from the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for this product.

Smart LED lighting fixtures BIOWNLIGHT

The intelligent BIOWNLIGHT technology brings the natural daylight to indoor environment, making working and recreational spaces more ergonomic and human-friendly, improving not only productiveness at work, but also a comfort and health.

SKYLIGHTER based on LED light technology has been recognized and awarded GOLD MEDAL in the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2018 competition organized by Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.