Electronic manufacturing services

PCB assembly services

Selteka is an exclusive EMS (Electronic manufacturing services) supplier

Selteka provides circuit board assembly services (EMS) for 49 customers from different European and Asian countries. More than 50 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge allows us to react operatively to changes in the market while working according to the “accordion” principle – quickly increasing and reducing production outputs.  In this way we can flexibly produce prototypes, small serial batches and assemble boards in large quantities. Production flexibility is ensured by the operating enterprise resource planning (ERP). The highly-qualified and certified personnel reliably manages orders in all the stages of realization. We assemble approximately 400 000 pcs. of various board types and fulfill 120 different orders on average every month, which consist of from 10 pc up to 160 000 pcs of products. We have 120 employees in production: 3 shifts in SMD assembly and 2 shifts in TH assembly.

Selteka is a reliable partner for electronic assembly

Customers see Selteka as a reliable EMS partner for innovative and creative solutions in preparation of their products for an efficient manufacturing. For the new technological processes we design all the necessary individual technological equipment by ourselves. For that manufacturing  we use our R&D laboratory and a mechanical workshop which is 200 sq. m. in area. Quality and productivity indicators required by our customers we reach by methodically teaching our employees and by investing 10% of annual turnover every year for original solutions in order to achieve this goal.

Electronic components

We provide to our customers electronic, mechanical, plastic parts and printed circuit boards at the competitive conditions. We devote the equal attention for both prime cost and quality. We use our database which consists of more than 200 selected worldwide suppliers to choose the right one. Our warehouse contains up to 10 000 parts of different positions at the same time. The control of the FIFO method is assured by the automated warehouse management program.

We deliver our products within 1 to 3 days to any European country. Quick communication and compliance of agreements are the standard of our daily work.

Our business IDEA ensured by:

  • Quality

Employees: experienced, conscious and consistently trained

Quality management: processes‘ identification and control; ISO 9001, 14001; Lean

Innovation: technological solutions and used materials „Know-How“

Investment: 10% of annual turnover every year

  • Efficient order execution

ERP: production planning & management

Warehouse management system: addresses of components, handhelds and gathering up to 1,5 hour

SMD set up station: SMD line reload up to1 hour

PO – within a week from the delivery date of components

  • SMART production

Flexibility: SMD and TH assembling lines of prototypes and small batches are separated from mass production lines

Individualized solutions: when the tendency of minoring orders starts, the costs are kept close to mass production

Reaction time: work according to the „accordion“ principle – quickly reducing and increasing production outputs

Experience and knowledge: more than 50 years in electronics

  • Reliable logistics

Suppliers:  we work with more than 200 selected worldwide suppliers

Planning: assurance of assembly and products delivery on time

Budget: meeting customer‘s requirements for components

  • Growth potential

Human: employees‘ reserve training program

Intellectual: cooperation with universities, active participation in EU projects

Production: always keep 30% capacity reserve, new orders’ start acceleration

Make your growth with us because our IDEA is working!