Quality and environmental policy

In order to implement our commitments to our customers, partners and suppliers in assessing the company’s impact on the environment, the company’s management and all employees of company are committed to:

  • Work according requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IPC-A-610 standarts and constantly seek the best results
  • Orient our work to our clients needs and aspirations satisfaction and to the Management System effectiveness improvement
  • Apply continuous improvement and pollution prevention principles, modernize and improve technological processes and products, according to the technological progress, our clients needs and other organizations work, our country expectations and potential effect on the environment, conserving non-renewable natural resources
  • Work according to the valid Lithuanian Respublic normative documents, European Union directives; to carry out all the legal and other requirements of LR
  • Try to establish the organizational culture in which every employee within their competence take responsibility for the quality of work, quality improvement and environment protection
  • Carry out practise in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment – the rational use of tools and technologies, constantly look for effective new working methods, technologies, equipment, materials.
  • Set our management system goals, objects and give the right resources to implement it.
  • The company’s quality and environmental policy is familiarized to all employees and the people working on behalf of the company. The company’s quality and environmental policy is a public document.

Every employee responsibility, regardless of his position and education level, to understand the quality and environmental policies principles and fully contribute to implementation of goals. Exceptional quality need for continuous improvement and every employee participation in the improvement process. Top-level managers assume full responsibility for the quality and environmental policies understanding and implementation in all levels of the company and updated taking into account the changes.