Our technological equipment

Functionality tester for LED modules

Perfomance characteristics of LED modules testing device:

  • the number of modules being tested at the same time –  8;
  • testing speed – 500-600 modules per hour;
  • alarm sounds and lights for quick quality determination of tested modules ;
  • light output level indication on LCD display for each module;
  • interface with PC;
  • possibility to collect the results of testing in the memory of testing device;

Functionality tester for cordless window vacuum cleaners

Performance characteristics of multifunctional test stand:

  • Multipoint AC and DC voltage measurements with up to 0.009%  accuracy;
  • Multipoint AC and DC current measurements with up to 0.009%  accuracy;
  • Programmable testing process control using DSP processing (spectral analysis, digital filtering, noise reducing) functions;
  • Low (up to 250 ksps) and high speed (up to 6,5 msps) ADC with appropriate resolutions of 14 and 12 bits;
  • Asyncronous digital data sampling possibilities (up to 5 msps);
  • Device under test firmware update using JTAG or SWD interface;
  • Device under test stimulous control (load resistance, programmable DC voltage and current);
  • Temperature calibration of embedded MCU;
  • Flexible interface with PC (USB 2.0   or  USART);
  • LabWiev and LabWindows CVI compatible software for PC;
  • Application software for testing process control and quality results classification;
  • Testing process performance visualization in graphical form;
  • Flexible reprogramming for many types of products;
  • WV50 programming, calibration and testing performance up to 5 items/min.