Dynamic lighting

Dinamic Lighting brings the dynamics of daylight indoors by controlling the amount of light (lux) and the color temperature. New LED technology makes it possible to “mimic” sunlight during the day and create the best possible conditions for people staying indoors. With seamless changes in brightness and warmth it creates a stimulating ‘natural’ light that enhances our sense of well-being. Dynamic lighting is very useful in offices, dark corridors, hospitals and other healthcare areas where the effect on human behavior and mood is useful.


  • Spectral engineering solutions for niche applications.
  • Dynamical control and tune ability of correlated color temperature, colour gamut, and hue distortion for high-end illumination.
  • 6 channel patented LED lighting control allows to achieve extremely precise colour rendering, with CRI Ra and average of R1-R14 indices exceeding 97 at any colour temperature.
  • Spectral compositions for minimized circadian action and light pollution at night.
  • Dynamical illumination for biorhythm synchronization, increased wellbeing and work productivity.
  • Exclusive attitude to the elder persons in terms of spectral composition and light pattern.
  • Embedded lighting control algorithms with wireless (Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, RF, Zigbee) communication and integration into smart houses, offices and production lines.

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