Completed projects in 2007-2011
  • “Selteka” JSC successfully implemented the project “Intellect LT”: “Creation of hybrid multimedia nodes with E-functions” financed by the EC structural funds. 1.35 million Lt (289,865.22 EUR) was invested in new technologies.
  • “Selteka” JSC successfully implemented the project “Strengthening the qualification and skills of the human resources of “Selteka” financed by the EC structural funds. SFMIS number of the application: VP1-1.1.-SADM-01-K-01-183. A total of 90 employees of the company from managers of all levels and engineers-technologists to workers were trained during the project. 652,940.00 Lt (189,257.97 EUR) was used for the training of the employees.
  • “Designing DVB-T digital format channel selectors for digital television”, No. 6537901-01-01-0053;
  • “Designing a DVB-T set-top box for reception of digital format TV programs”, No. 8-502/4GAL.1;
  • “Designing an integrated digital module for a hybrid TV set in order to increase competitiveness and level of enterprise of “SELTEKA” JSC and to increase the potential of scientific research of the company”, No. S-BPD2004-ERF-3.1.7-06-06/0004;
  • “Expansion of the functions of the interactive TV receiver for E-services”, No. VP2-1.3-ŪM-01-K-01-016.