Analogous television shall be switched off soon

Switching-off of analogous television shall be started in Lithuania in about half a year. The analogous television which we are used to and which has been operating for over 50 years gives way to the new-generation digital television.

Introduction of digital television shall cause trouble to most people, as their TV sets shall stop displaying images. This shall be a problem to everyone, especially to villagers who will lose their main source of information and news.

Petras Ramoškaitis, who lives in Alytus district, fears that his old TV set shall stop displaying images in 2012 and the farmer shall not be able to watch his favourite shows. The company “SELTEKA” offers a solution: small, reliable and inexpensive set-top boxes. It shall enable Petras to keep watching the shows he is used to, the images shall be of even more high quality and, most importantly, he shall be able to see more TV channels than before.