“Selteka” invests in “Mydata” placement equipment

The investment decision was preceded by an extensive evaluation, where key factors such as cost-of-ownership, technology and support offerings were assessed

“We are glad to have found a partner that can fulfil our needs for fast and reliable SMT assembly. Equally important, they were able to provide a cost-effective solution” , says Director Arunas Vizgaitis

„We are very glad that Selteka has chosen Mydata as their partner for placement equipment. We believe that the MY100DX-14, with its combination of flexibility and high speed is a perfect fit for Selteka’s complex manufacturing environment”, says Fredrik Molander, Area Sales Manager at Mydata

“Thanks to MY100DX-14 great flexibility and speed, we can act quick when the production schedule changes from small batches to big batches in a very short time”, comments Production Director Daumantas Barcas. And Vaidas Mitkus, engineer of Innovations & Investments Group, adds: “Our company takes third machine from Mydata and with the flexible planning we expect to increase EMS provide capacity by 40%.”

Kaunas-based Selteka has 153 employees and a turnover above  EUR 4 million in first half-year of 2010

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