Awards and overviews


UAB “Selteka” successfully introduced its newest products “CIC-402HD” and “IF-402HD” in the exhibition “CSTB 2011” in Moscow on 1-3 February 2011. The new products of “Selteka” designed for the Russian market received especially great attention. Presentation of the IPTV set-top box “IF-402HD” was especially successful. A contract for the distribution rights of the latter product was signed with one of the leaders of digital TV solutions in the CIS countries – the company “BCC” – during the exhibition. “Selteka” met and established over 50 new contacts during the three days of the exhibition.


UAB “Selteka” successfully implemented the project “Intellect LT”: “Creation of hybrid multimedia nodes with E-functions” financed by the EC structural funds. 1.35 million Lt was invested in new technologies.

UAB “Selteka” successfully implemented the project “Strengthening the qualification and skills of the human resources of UAB “Selteka” financed by the EC structural funds. SFMIS number of the application: VP1-1.1.-SADM-01-K-01-183. A total of 90 employees of the company from managers of all levels and engineers-technologists to workers were trained during the project. 652,940.00 Lt was used for the training of the employees.

2011 – 2007

UAB “Selteka” successfully completed 4 projects during the last five years:

  • “Designing DVB-T digital format channel selectors for digital television”, No. 6537901-01-01-0053;
  • “Designing a DVB-T set-top box for reception of digital format TV programs”, No. 8-502/4GAL.1;
  • “Designing an integrated digital module for a hybrid TV set in order to increase competitiveness and level of enterprise of UAB “SELTEKA” and to increase the potential of scientific research of the company”, No. S-BPD2004-ERF-3.1.7-06-06/0004;
  • “Expansion of the functions of the interactive TV receiver for E-services”, No. VP2-1.3-ŪM-01-K-01-016.

All these projects were partially financed by the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union structural funds. Total value of the projects amounted to 710,830 Lt or 205,870 EUR.


The digital set-top box “TF-401” was awarded a prize for innovations in the national competition category “Inovatyvus gaminys” (“Innovative product”).


UAB “Selteka” was acknowledged as one of the best in the country and was awarded the prize of the national competition “Inovatyvi įmonė ‘07”.

The business of production and assembly of electronics products services was started in Russia, Kaliningrad Oblast.
The project of UAB “Selteka” in the field of digital television won subsidies from the EU structural funds.

UAB “Selteka” became the largest manufacturer of TV channel selectors in Europe. 3.2 million units were produced.

Two projects for development of digital television products won competitions for obtaining financing under the PHARE programme of the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and the EU.

A network of distribution of TV service products was created in Europe and the CIS countries.
Development of the business of assembly of electronics products services was started.

UAB “Selteka” was the first one among the electronics companies in independent Lithuania to implement the quality management system LST EN ISO 9001:2000.

It was the first company in the former USSR that started serial production using SMD equipment and SMT technology.

7.5 million TV channel selectors were produced which amounted to 53% of the market demand of the Soviet Union.

It was the first company among the electronics factories in the former USSR to implement the surface mount technology (SMT).