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What is HLS?

HLS arba HTTP Live Streaming is the technology that enables to present video and / or audio content by HTTP protocol, common to all. This technology enables the customers to present the already prepared material, as well as live broadcasts, where it would not be possible to provide services by using the usual data transfer method – Multicast. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it is possible to provide paralell video material with multiple qualities and the customer will receive it differentiated, according to the online channel bandwidth.

How does it work?

HLS technology uses a common web server in order to present the stream to the customers. The provided material is divided into small segments (usually 10 seconds), the segments are stored into a web server, from which end-users receive segments and connect them in the IPTV device. In the case, if the presented stream is live broadcast, the server constantly updates the existing segments, in order to provide smooth stream to the consumer.

HLS technology also supports authentication by HTTPS protocol, and of course, the stream can be encoded with elliptical AES algorithms in order to protect against unauthorized transfer and use.

Why is it worth to use HLS?

Actually, there are no limits to HLS technology and its application. It can be used, where traditional IPTV delivery methods cannot be applied or it can be used instead of traditional methods, thus loading less network units and saving expensive data transfer stream. It is also possible to provide video rental services for customer without fear that the delivered content will be transferred, stolen or damaged. HLS technology is supported by multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablet computers, therefore IPTV network is even more extended.

What can SELTEKA benefit for you?

SELTEKA can help you to integrate into the currently rising club of IPTV providers and users. We can offer IPTV set-top box (IF-402HD), which supports HLS technology and free tools that would allow to turn the stream you provide into HTTP Live Streaming both for live broadcasts, and for already available material. These tools will allow your existing  MPEG-4, MPEG-2 or Apple Quicktime stream, which is encoded by H.264 algorithms with ACC or MP3, to convert into HLS segments and provide for customers.


Selteka IPTV Middleware – is a mediate software for the control, monitoring and management of television, broadcast over IP networks.

Selteka IPTV Middleware possibilities:

  • The ability to provide the desired channels according to the customers‘ requests
  • Radio broadcasting
  • The ability to create your own channel and broadcast relevant information in it
  • The ability to charge over all the desired content
  • The collection of detailed statistics (from 5 minutes to 1 year)
  • Interactive control (information is available in real time)

Selteka IPTV solutions uses include:

  • Hotels
  • Cafes
  • Hospitals
  • Blocks of flats
  • Cable operators
  • IPTV operators

The primary administrator‘s login screen, which provides a concise statistics of the current period, it is also confirmed that the connection to the system was successful.

Statistics display window in the selected period (from 5 minutes to 1 year).

In the object window, where the system is installed, customers, who use the service, are clearly seen. The provided information is interactive – it is possible to see, which channel is watched by the customer in real time, the content of video rental can also be seen. In addition, it is possible to quicly tell the customer the PIN code, if it is forgotten.

The window of specific channel editing / adding – complete freedom for the channel description, supported by multiple modes of transmission (multicast, unicast, HLS).