Competence and personel

Time – and progress-tested competence of the personnel

“Selteka” JSC guarantees high competence of the personnel of the company including all the stages of project implementation: from choosing the goal, planning the time and quality assurance to cost control and planning of reserves, communication and risk control. “SELTEKA” constantly improves the employees’ qualification, expands scientific research on the basis of deeper professional knowledge and the results of the research are later applied for designing and implementing modern production technologies.

“Selteka” JSC certificates

Employees’ qualification

“Selteka” employs 223 people 55 of which are employees having higher university-type education, in particular:

  • 6 top-level managers;
  • 5 middle-level managers;
  • 16 employees of technical offices;
  • 6 employees of the commercial group;
  • 4 employees of the accounting office;
  • 12 production workers;
  • 6 employees of servicing offices.

“Selteka” JSC invests in the employees’ qualification improvement

“Selteka” JSC successfully implemented the project “Strengthening the qualification and skills of the human resources of “Selteka” JSC financed by the EC structural funds. SFMIS number of the application: VP1-1.1.-SADM-01-K-01-183. A total of 90 employees of the company from managers of all levels and engineers-technologists to workers were trained during the project. 652,940.00 Lt (189,257.97 EUR) was used for the training of the employees.

The best price during the shortest time for the customers of “Selteka” JSC

The goal of the procurement group established in the company is to provide qualitative components for the customer’s orders for the best price at the right time. The procurement group operates using the most progressive principles of work organization when one person is responsible for a specific project: from ordering the necessary components to finding alternatives to them. Procurements are initiated only after a written consent of the customer is received and they are further implemented in accordance with the list of suppliers approved by the customer.

The customer of “Selteka” shall be provided not only with printed boards, mechanical parts and electronic components but also the alternative of the lowest price possible shall be offered to him. We purchase only qualitative components from the suppliers, as we implement a careful selection thereof: we analyze data and inspect the supply sources in order to ensure the highest quality for manufacturing of the customer’s products.

In order to protect our customer from delayed deliveries, together with the company “Rutronik” we have established a consignment warehouse where over 3.000 units of different-type components necessary for meeting the customers needs during the next three months can be stored. Long-term experience in working with suppliers from European and Far East countries enabled us creating a reliable delivery network for the only goal: in order to reduce the cost price of the customer’s products and increase competitiveness thereof.

The employees’ competence acquired and constantly improved enables us providing high-quality, flexible and innovative services to the customers at competitive prices from preparation of construction and technological documentation of the product to quick delivery of the product manufactured; we deliver the goods to Europe within 1 to 3 days.