About us

“Selteka” JSC is an innovative manufacturer of EMS and OEM products

Electronic manufacturing services

“Selteka” JSC is one of the Eastern Europe’s largest manufacturers of electronic products and the oldest electronics manufacturer in Lithuania. The company began its history as a public radio factory in Kaunas. In 1997, the company was reorganized, changed the status and the name to “Selteka”. Company has extensive experience in the field of electronics and now involves two business segments – OEM (manufacturing original digital television equipment) and  EMS  (electronic manufacturing services). The company provides digital television solutions, IPTV, LED lighting solutions and pcb assembly services according to the costumer’s needs. Currently “Selteka” provides electronic assembly services for nearly 20 companies from all over Europe. Our company’s assembled panels are mounted to the medical , telematics, video, navigation, laser scanners and other high quality electronic equipment. “Selteka” expands its export markets successfully and exports its products to Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Belarus and China.

Why choose us?

“Selteka” JSC is a reliable partner from the very beginning. To our business partners we offer cooperation based on mutual trust and responsibility. We are ready to do everything to ensure an open and honest communication with the client. We believe that the best results are achieved by listening to both sides and understanding one another. We try to continue to take care of our customers and to offer high-quality electronic products at a friendly price. If difficulties emerge, we speak about them openly and do not hide the truth. We are open to any requests and, with the help of our professional team’s competences, we shall always find the solutions that shall meet your commercial expectations the best. We can communicate in English, German and Russian. Product quality, customer focus and continuous improvement – our main goals, we are working for you!